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Support & Maintenance - TH-EY

What is the Support and Maintenance Service?

Building the application can be a rollercoaster of releasing features and gathering feedback. But we understand that at some point, your app must switch into the production mode, where any downtime means loosing money, or disappointed customers.

The Support & Maintenance service is a post-production release solution, designed to ensure a stable running of your application.

We can still work on your roadmap and keep providing features, but the main focus will be put on keeping your application stable and without bugs.

TH-E offering:

  • Ongoing bug fixing: Although, we will do our best to make the application free of bugs, we know that users at scale, will uncover parts, which will require additional work – you are covered.

  • SLA: We will be acting, according to the separately signed SLA (Service-Level Agreement). We will describe there the main details about the support, e.g. bug levels, reaction times and recovery policies.

  • Continuous Enhancements: Through regular updates and upgrades, we keep your application up-to-date.

  • Features and Content Updates: We incorporate small-scale features and content changes, refining your application based on user feedback and market evolution.

Who Is This For?

This service is ideal for:

  • Our Clients

    After finishing the main development phase, after setting up the production environment.

  • Companies

    Needing expert technical support to ensure smooth software operation.

  • Organizations

    That wants peace of mind, knowing their software is in capable hands post-development.

  • Project owners

    That were abandoned by the original software creator and are looking for a new team to support it.

Get Started

Post-development doesn’t mean post-support. TH-EY’s Support and Maintenance service ensures your application’s journey continues with the expert care it deserves.