We deliver more value than our hourly rate is worth.

To achieve that, we are constantly improving our processes, common libraries and general development efficiency. The list below is a snapshot that will constantly be upgraded, until the company is working and improving.

What value are we talking about?

  1. Assistance before the start

  2. Access to everything from day one

  3. Security and privacy procedures

  4. Quality assurance

  5. TH-EY Development Process (TDP)

Assistance before the start

Later on, we focus on the values that we provide after the contract is signed. But it’s worth mentioning, what you can expect from TH-EY when you first contact us.

  • The consulting approach: means you get more than just coding. You’ll have a team with profound experience in software development, having built over 50 projects. From our first interaction to the end of our collaboration, we’ll share our knowledge and guide you through the technical aspects, whenever you need it.

  • NDA Assurance: To protect the details of your project, we’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You can use our electronic template, or we can sign yours, ensuring confidentiality before any project details are shared.

  • Budget-Matching Solutions: We adapt to your budget by choosing the right tools for your needs, fine-tuning the project scope, and offering guidance on existing solutions or workarounds available in the market.

Access to everything from day one

Business point of view

From day one, we give you the access to the code repository, and the test environment, where we release any updates. Also, you get the access to our Jira (Project management tool) where our team will be working. Lastly, we set up the channel within our Slack for a constant communication with the developers and introduce the team to you.

What does it mean, in details?

  1. Code repository access – our default choice is Github, but we can use any core repo of your choice

  2. Jira access – we set up a dedicated for your project Jira board, where the whole project will be managed and planned

  3. Test environment – at the beginning, we use our architecture, domain and resources, but as soon as the production environment is about to be created, we will transfer it to your cloud, which we can create for you, or provide precise instructions of what your team will need to do. During the development, we don’t charge for test setup.

How TH-EY care about the security & privacy

Business point of view

By default, we secure our applications on different levels. From the database and architecture, through the communication to the libraries we are using, there is no guess or randomness.

We are using the industry standard solutions in every aspect of the development process.

In cases, where it’s not enough, we involve external testing companies, that execute any kinds of tests like penetration, load or performance testing.

What does it mean, in details?

  1. Database encryption at rest – Our relational databases are always encrypted. This improves the security and makes it impossible to read by the hackers that theoretically would break into the database server.

  2. Everyday database backup – We do the automatic production database backup every day. This is our default, can be adjusted to your needs.

  3. Secured communication (HTTPS) always – We can manage your domain or help you adapt it for serving our application. This includes the SSL certificate management, to make your users feel safe using the app

  4. Licences report – At any stage of the development, we can generate the list of the libraries used within your project, to make sure that we don’t use any paid or not open-source library.

  5. Application level data encryption – If this is required, we can encrypt the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data stored in our databases. This means, that even developers with the direct access to the data, will only see the hashed values

How TH-EY care about the quality

Business point of view

Everybody wants to have the bug-free software, and our role is to get as close as possible to this vision. To achieve this, our Quality Assurance department incorporate many techniques to provide you with the best quality of the apps that we are creating.

What does it mean, in details?

  1. Dedicated Quality Assurance specialist is always part of the development

    • Every task, implemented by the development team is manually tested in the testing environment
    • Any bugs or corner cases (that at a given point of the project can be skipped) are reported and fixed immediately or stored in the backlog for future phases.
    • All the tasks are approved by the QA
  2. Automatic tests

    • By default, we create automatic unit tests for the key features, to make sure, that during later development, core logic won’t be broken
    • In the later stages of the projects, we incorporate integration and other types of tests, required by the project specifics
  3. You can test on your own

    • Whenever the test environment will be created, you have access to it, same as our testers and developers. You can verify our work and the status of any fixes in progress
  4. Application monitoring

    We incorporate automatic application monitoring, that alerts us of any errors or problems in the application. For this purpose, we use https://sentry.io/

TH-EY Development Process

Business point of view

TDP is an agile process of software development creation, developed over the years of experiments and gaining experience. It skips unnecessary layers of communication, shortens the feedback loop, and provides regular updates along with the value delivery.

What does it mean, in details?

Before the development starts:

  1. We convert the initial estimation to the tasks in the project management tool

  2. To save your time and money, we start the development from the predefined application templates, built by us internally, that contain all initial configuration and set up for the projects we create.

  3. Test environment is set up within the first week of development

  4. You are always up-to-date, thanks to:

    • Direct access to the developers – through common Slack channel, Jira board and regular demos
    • Technical senior lead for each project – there is always a dedicated person, responsible for your project
    • Direct access to the test environment, where you can check the progress on your own
  5. If needed, we project the roadmap for the next weeks / months of the development.

After the development starts:

  1. Developers work on your project story by story, task by task, which is visible and reported in Jira.

  2. After the feature is implemented, it is reviewed by another developer

  3. Feature is released to the test environment – at this stage, you can already see it

  4. Feature is tested by the QA, bugs are reported, quality is verified

  5. Feature is ready for you to verify, check and provide feedback

  6. Feature is ready to be shipped to the production